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Firefox Plumber: Stop Firefox Memory Leak

Firefox Plumber: Stop Firefox Memory LeakIf the programs running on your system is the people, your memory will become the currency they use. It's one thing that is difficult to preserve and easily lost. Everything from your browser to a malicious widget on your desktop just suck away at your RAM. Firefox, one of the most beloved browser of all time, known for memory leaks. If you leave Firefox running even for a few hours, memory usage that could almost double. It may seem like some urban legend too far but it's true; Firefox eat your RAM even when it runs idle in your system. Firefox Plumber is a desktop tool (like a good plumber) claims to plug leakage of your memory allows you to leave the browser running until the next appointment is expected to happen in the meantime make sure no memory leaks.

Memory leaks occur the longer the browser is kept running and everything from the page that has been open for extensions you have installed the effect of how much memory is leaked. Plumber Firefox claims to provide simple and trouble-free solution. Download the file, unzip and run the file Foxboost.exe. A small icon will appear in the system tray and that's all you'll see a small appliance. During that run, he will continue to plug leaks. Developed by Rizone3, working on many of the same principles as their memory optimization engine with a few minor tweaks made ​​to manage memory leaks in Firefox. This tool has no complicated settings or interface and runs quietly in the background. Based on the tests, with up to 20 tabs open, physical memory usage went from 185MB to 4MB. The rest get locked in a virtual memory to prevent leakage.


Firefox Plumber: Stop Firefox Memory Leak

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