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Easy SQL Builder: Jalankan Commands SQL Tanpa Belajar Syntax

Easy SQL Builder: Jalankan Commands SQL Tanpa Belajar Syntax
Suppose you are not SQL-guru but need to deal with databases - find some information, filter table(s) by parameters or to build an SQL statement for some other purpose. In this case Easy Query Builder utility is your assistant.

SQL is considered as one of the core language for database handling and one which needs to deal with large and complex database structure should get the hang of before adjusting database correctly. If you are going through a phase of learning basic SQL and try to deal with complex databases, SQL Builder Easily designed just for you. You can use it to insert the SQL command to, say, create databases, filtering data table, locate the data value, joining two tables, extract data columns and rows, merge two data tables, and so on, without having to learn the syntax and proper use of commands. You just have to choose the operation you want to do it on the table, column or table row, and will write all orders for your complex. In short, it automates the process of implementing and carrying out the SQL commands in the database.

The main interface has a link to SQL beginners guide to help you get started. You can also open the SQL Builder Easy manual assistance to review all the features provided and usage. To get started, click create a new connection to connect to the existing database. At Build Connection window, enter a connection name, type of connection and SQL dialect. Once determined, you must enter the connection string to make the necessary connections with the database.

After inserting the connection string, press the Test connection to verify the connection parameters. if your database is encrypted or password protected, do not forget to activate the Display login dialog to specify the details of login first before making a connection with the database.

Once the connection is established, it will display a list of all database tables and queries in the main navigation bar. The main window displays the Query column, Column Sorting and Query Conditions panel, which allows users to simply select the query option to automatically write the SQL command.

SQL query command will be displayed in the window of the SQL present in extreme right of the interface.

From the toolbar, you can save the current database connection, save the request now, loads a previously saved query, the obvious question, change the name of an existing query. If you want to execute a query, just select the Execute Query from the Query menu.

Easy Query Builder is a must-have tool for both beginners and skilled users. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 T-SQL Fundamentals (PRO-Developer)
Easy SQL Builder: Jalankan Commands SQL Tanpa Belajar Syntax

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