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Download CCleaner Untuk Mac Untuk Bersihkan Sistem

Download CCleaner Untuk Mac Untuk Bersihkan SistemPiriform CCleaner tool has finally been released for the Mac. Currently in beta, CCleaner works well on the Mac, supports only two applications of Safari and Firefox by killing other cleaning option to remove items Trash , recent documents, MRU lists, temporary folder, a list of the latest applications and so forth. Compared with fellow Windows, CCleaner for OS X but not very feature rich but provides Mac users with a quick way to remove rubbish from their systems with a single click. The main UI is very similar to Windows companion, however, you will see way less features to clean up the garbage data from your Mac. As stated previously that he supports the Firefox and Safari, you can clear the cache browsing, internet history, download history, cookies and saved form information. Check out the Mac beta CCleaner to visually after the jump.

Not like CCleaner for Windows, the Mac version only clean up trash core data system folders. On the main screen, all the elements of the sub-system trash folder listed. You can choose the one that you want to scan the data dump.

Applications tab allows you to clean up Safari and Firefox browsing history with elements of garbage from their respective folders.

In this paper, CCleaner can clean up trash folder system and browser, but the dev team Piriform like to take this beta to release a full feature-rich in just a few months. Dev team seems very excited about the update to Mac CCleaner consistent and hopefully will add all the features offered with Windows colleagues.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for improvements that will come in CCleaner for Mac. You can try the beta release by pressing up the download link below. It only works on Mac 10.6.2 - Mac Lion.


Download CCleaner Untuk Mac Untuk Bersihkan Sistem|Free Download CCleaner for mac

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