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Convert PDF ke Word di Facebook

Most of us use Facebook to connect with, our fellow friends and relations. Some of us also use it to play games to kill our free time. But did you ever thought that instead of chatting with friends or playing games, you can also use Facebook to convert PDF files to Word. Yes exactly. Here is an application for the same purpose.
Convert PDF ke Word di Facebook

There are many applications and online tools available to convert PDF files to PDF files to word for word but different editions. This is different in the sense that he convert PDF files right on up without you having to install anything on your PC. All you need is to log into your Facebook account and open a PDF to Word app Edition. When you open the application click on the Browse button and upload PDF files to be converted. You can also upload multiple files. Now the application automatically converts PDF files to Word (doc) files. It will take some time depending on the size of the file you upload. After a successful file conversion, click on the download link to download your converted file. There is a choice to share with your friends as well.
Convert PDF ke Word di Facebook

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