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ChromePlus Alpha 3: Versi Chrome dengan Banyak Tambahan

ChromePlus Alpha 3: Versi Chrome dengan Banyak TambahanThe company presented a new version of the browser that made ChromePlus Alpha 3. This browser is based on one of the world's fastest browser - Google Chrome and is a true Internet-harvesters. "If you like Chrome, but parse your chance is lost, help comes ChromePlus Alpha 3. This package provides a tool that lets you load the page with the help of IE rendering technology, integration with downloaded files and some extra tools to work with the link feature and tabs.

Close this page in ChromePlus Alpha 3 can simply double click the left mouse button. Comfortable sheets, such as holding the cursor in the circle opposite to refresh the page easier to navigate. Super Drag function allows you to click on the link, to transfer the link to the free space, hold the left mouse button, and release: a link opens in a new tab or page, etc. depending on the selection parameters. Drag and drop the selected text fragment to open a new tab, where it will search the selected text in the default search engine.

IE Tab feature helps to open the Web sites and pages, which only supports Internet Explorer. If this all IE Tab tab, use the IE rendering engine, open in the same window as all the other tabs ChromePlus Alpha 3. Integration with Boot Manager allows you to call this program through the context menu options. Supported by a variety of download manager, which includes significant others, and many GlashGet.

ChromePlus Alpha 3 is without doubt one of the most ambitious of Google, and one of the best results are given, because the browser is very fast and stable with a function that is easy to use and features a large corporation after its development.

ChromePlus Alpha 3 is based entirely on Google's browser Chrome, but with the difference that adding some features that Google does not have a browser such as IE-Tab (add-on to display a web page like a sail with Internet Explorer), a motion system with a mouse (mouse movements) that can be used to control the browser, and new features from the context menu.

Other improvements include better management of the tab, which we closed with a double click or drag-free in or out of other windows.

If you like speed and stability of Google Chrome, but inject some of the features mentioned above when browsing with it, download and ChromePlus Alpha 3.


ChromePlus Alpha 3: Versi Chrome dengan Banyak Tambahan

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