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7Plus: Tambahkan Fitur LEBIH ke Windows 7 dan Vista

7Plus: Tambahkan Fitur LEBIH ke Windows 7 dan VistaWindows 7 has a large feature set. But would not it be great if you could be a few more features than that? As double-click on the desktop to open explorer.exe or double-click on the taskbar to open Task Manager?

7Plus is a freeware tool for Windows 7 and Vista that adds several useful features is small for the operating system.

Here is a select list of some of some of the features it adds. You can ofcourse choose to disable / enable each at will, depending on your taste.

* Add tab to Explorer
* Store your favorite folders and retrieve it for a very fast navigation
* Show favorite folders in folders explorer bar bands such as bar favorite Web Browser
* Make Backspace to go to the top again
* Show free space and size of selected files in status bar
* Close the window clicking on the button in mid-task
* Run the program by double-clicking the taskbar
* Upload files, screenshots and clipboard content directly to an FTP server with only one hotkey
* Create a new folder and file text by pressing F8/F7
* Paste the text or images from the clipboard as a file
* Open any file in your favorite text / image editor by pressing F3
* Change the desktop wallpaper by clicking the middle of the desktop
* Accessor, launcher tool to browse the file system, uninstall the software, launching programs, etc.
* Text entry before Paste the clipboard by pressing WIN + V
* Use the joypad / gamepad remote control mouse, keyboard and zoom
* Open the current folder in the CMD by pressing WIN + C and enables CTRL + V to paste and ALT + F4 in CMD
* Create new context menu entry
* Move the window off the screen and have it slide in when you move the mouse to the border
* Close the program in mid-clicking on the title
* Rotate image in Windows Picture Viewer by pressing R and L.

You also can configure it to create and add your own features.

While our Windows Ultimate Tweaker will help you tweak Windows settings, FixWin will help fix common Windows problems and disorders, 7Plus add a small but useful new features to Windows.


7Plus: Tambahkan Fitur LEBIH ke Windows 7 dan Vista|fitur tambahan Windows 7

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