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Ubah MAC Address Jaringan Dengan Technitium MAC Address Changer

MAC (Media Access Control) address Spoofing can come in handy in many situations. By changing the MAC address, a person can protect / her system she was from a bot identification systems that seek to exploit the right MAC address of network administration, stupid internet service freely available in order to bypass restrictions on network access and bandwidth usage, making the system more secure by disguising MAC address or by replacing with other NIC randomly generated MAC addresses for security purposes.

Unfortunately, only the basic network tool to change the DHCP settings, switch between different network profiles DNS ping, server, etc., therefore, you need to use a tool dedicated to changing the MAC address of Network Interface. Tecnitium MAC address Changer is developed to change the Network Interface Card (NIC) MAC address. You can choose from a list provided by the NIC MAC address will replace your original MAC address.

Features :

* Support for Windows Vista/Server 2008 Service Pack 2 added in Release 3.

* Support for Windows 7 RC added.

* Issues with installer program resolved. (Thanks to all your feedback)

* Most reported bugs in previous versions removed. (Thanks to all your feedback)

* Allows you to remove all registry entries corresponding to Network Adapter that is no longer physically installed on the system.

* Allows you to configure Internet Explorer HTTP proxy settings through configuration presets or command line.

* Identifies the preset applied to currently selected Network Interface Card (NIC) automatically making it easy to identify settings.

* Most known issues with Windows Vista removed. (Thanks to all your feedback)

* Changes MAC address of Network Interface Card (NIC) including Wireless LAN Cards, irrespective of its manufacturer or its drivers.

* Has latest list of all known manufacturers (with corporate addresses) to choose from. You can also enter any MAC address and know which manufacturer it belongs to.

* Allows you to select random MAC address from the list of manufacturers by just clicking a button.

* Restarts your NIC automatically to apply MAC address changes instantaneously.

* Allows you to create Configuration Presets, which saves all your NIC settings and makes it very simple to switch between many settings in just a click and hence saves lot of time.

* Allows you to Import or Export Configuration Presets to or from another file, which saves lot of time spent in reconfiguration.

* Allows you to load any Configuration Presets when TMAC starts by just double clicking on any Configuration Preset File. (*.cpf file extension)

* Has command line interface which allows you to perform all the tasks from the command prompt or you can even create a DOS batch program to carry out regular tasks. (see help for command line parameter details)

* Has command line interface for the Installer. (see help for command line parameter details)

* Allows you to export a detailed text report for all the network connections.

* Displays all information you would ever need to know about your NIC in one view like Device Name, Configuration ID, Hardware ID, Connection Status, Link Speed, DHCP details, TCP/IP details etc.

* Displays total bytes sent and received through the NIC.

* Displays current data transfer speed per second.

* Allows you to configure IP Address, Gateway and DNS Server for your NIC quickly and instantaneously.

* Allows you to enable/disable DHCP instantaneously.

* Allows you to Release/Renew DHCP IP address instantaneously.

* Displays DHCP lease obtained and lease expires time. (DST time bug removed)

* Allows you to configure Interface Metric instantaneously.

* Quick keyboard shortcuts for most operations.

* One known issue in Windows Vista/Server 2008/7 remains that is TMAC cannot disable any NIC with Non Operational status.

Ubah MAC Address Jaringan Dengan Technitium MAC Address Changer
Furthermore, for each active network connection, it shows a detail DCHP settings as well, which include, internal IP, Subnet Mask, DNS servers, Gateway address, etc. When you select a network connection, it shows a network interface-related info, such as, Type connection, device names, hardware ID, Config ID, and the original MAC address.
From the main interface, choose the Network Connection. It shows NIC details, and data link, upload, sent and received details. The right side displays IP Address, Subnet Mask, DNS Server and Gateway addresses. From bottom, click Change MAC to either enter MAC address yourself or choose to let it generate a random MAC address. Before clicking Change Now, enable Make New MAC address Persistent.
If you’ve changed other DHCP settings, click Apply to save the changes made. Tecnitium MAC address Changer works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
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Ubah MAC Address Jaringan Dengan Technitium MAC Address Changer

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