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Perbaiki Masalah Ubuntu Dengan YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions

What makes Ubuntu more useful for common users is the ability to provide an alternative solution based GUI for installing and updating the application was not given the length of the command terminal. Unfortunately, there are still many issues that need through a convoluted procedure to deal with it.

Perbaiki / Perbaikan Masalah Ubuntu Dengan YeoWorks Ubuntu Solutions
Ubuntu YeoWorks Solutions provides one-click solution to many problems commonly faced Ubuntu. This makes it possible to update Ubuntu, Gnomes 3 installation and uninstallation, Firefox 4 fix flash problems and more. All you need do is select a problem from the list and click OK to get it resolved.

Download YeoWorks and Run the file. sh. This will take prompt, click Run to open the front end GUI.
Choose one problem from the list and click OK to their resolution. A complete list of available options are as follows:

* Single-click updates Ubuntu Software
* Additional Installation Ubuntu, Ubuntu and Compiz Tweak Pack
* Installation of Gnome 3
* Installation of Gnome 3 Tweak Tool
* Gnome 3 to fix the strange theme
* Un-installation of Gnome 3
* 64-bit Firefox Flash problem
* Fix for Firefox bookmarks and history issues
* Simple access to the Nautilus and the configuration editor
* Switch to Compiz or Gnome desktop Metacity
* Convert files Deb 32-bit to 64 Bit Deb file
* Fix for Gnome installation classical
* Re-install the Ubuntu desktop
* Change the user and root password
* System cleanup
* Stop GDM
* Login without a GUI (graphical user interface)
* Error: gnconfig-sanity-check-2 exit with status 256

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