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Grab Artikel atau Buku dari Web [Firefox extension]

Grab Artikel atau Buku dari  Web [Firefox extension]The Internet is full of exciting stories but you do not always have time to read all of them. Reading the online content can taking a portion of the total time you spend online (it could be at work or at home) but still decrease your productivity. One of the many things you can do to read a good article then is to use GrabMyBook extension for Firefox and created an ePub book format all the articles you find and download to your eReader.
Why use GrabMyBooks though? There are a ton of other ways to get your web content eReade GrabMyBook isn'ta service, it is an extension that installs and works in Firefox and you do not need to visit the permalink every article when you add it to GrabMyBooks; you can right-click on any link and add it to the book You are from the context menu. You edit the title of the article and automatically generate a table of contents by topic article that you specify.

You can create your own articles as well, which makes the extension of a very good tool to create an article repository and a quick way to take notes to read on your eReader. In addition to storing the entire article, you can also use it to just save the web page URL. Can add articles throughout the day and in the end they download the epub format and copy it to your eReader.

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