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Gandakan Layar dengan Dexpot Build 1557

Gandakan Layar dengan Dexpot Build 1557With Dexpot you may have separate virtual desktops for different applications. One desktop might feature applications for graphic design, for example, and another might feature your business applications.

Switch between virtual desktops in order to keep track of your open windows. Using Dexpot, you'll considerably increase your workflow.
The application also has an interesting Dexpot Build 1557 plugs, one of the most interesting is the cube effect when switching desktops. Dexpot runs very smoothly and does not affect the perceived speed of the system - at rest virtually no CPU-intensive and consumes only about 3MB of memory.

Dexpot Build 1557 multiplies the area of ?? your monitor screen up to twenty, with the creation and management of a number of virtual desktops that can significantly improve your ability to work and organization with the PC.

Dexpot Build 1557 places an icon in the system tray from which you can access all your virtual desktops, as well as program settings, desktop manager, window list in each of them, rules of desks, and other tools .

Gandakan Layar dengan Dexpot Build 1557

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