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Free Download MP3 Cutter and Editor

Free MP3 Cutter and EditorFree MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.4.0 is an application that allows you, with a few clicks, do basic editing of MP3 audio files. The program has an important function that any user, experienced or not you need to: modify / increase the volume, turn the Mono / Stereo, apply effects Fade In / Out and select / cut parts of audio tracks.

Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.4.0 is very easy to use, you just need to add the MP3 files that will automatically display the main window of the audio spectrum and can utilize tools available.

It can easily be selected using the mouse, an audio section and recipes early / late to cut and save a new file. Audio effects that apply to all or only part of it depends on each user how to use it.

In conclusion, Free MP3 Cutter and Editor 2.4.0 is the ideal tool to create a soundtrack to a small (perhaps to add in the presentation), create ring tones for mobile phones and many more.

How to Start:
To cut / edit your mp3 files, just start the program and complete the following steps:
Step 1: Click to open the MP3 file for editing

Graph wave and edit command buttons are then displayed.

Step 2: Select the option, if necessary, to edit a command

Just click on the graph to adjust the position during play, then click the toolbar button or to adjust the position of this as the beginning or end of selection.
You can also click and drag on the graph to determine the direct election.

Step 3: Click one button below the graph command

See the Edit command below for a brief description of available commands.

Step 4: Click to save all changes made to the document

You can choose a new location for the file when it is being saved for the first time.

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Mahfud Saja said...

Hey bro.. can this mp3 cutter also edit the tag of the mp3??

August 6, 2013 at 8:04 PM
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