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0 NSIS Dialog Designer - 1.2.0

NSIS Dialog Designer is an IDE that provides a graphical tool to easily design your custom setup pages for the great NSIS installer system.

It supports MUI2 (Modern User Interface 2) dialogs and generates NSIS files ready to be included into your own *.nsi install script.

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0 Foxit Reader -

New Feature:

•PDF/A File Notification
Supports identifying PDF/A files and disabling editing these files.

•Foxit Plugin Platform
Adds a plugin platform for users’ convenience to manage Foxit plugins.

•SCUP Catalog for Automatic Application Updates
Provides a SCUP catalog to import and deploy all Enterprise Reader updates through Microsoft Windows Update Services or SCCM.

Feature Improvements:
•Updates Foxit’s compatibility with the Microsoft IRM extension for PDF Specification.

•UX Improvement
When AutoScroll is activated by pressing the middle mouse button, users can now press the middle mouse button again to exit AutoScroll mode.

•Controls Operations to Toolbars by GPO template
Allows using GPO templates to control end users’ operations to toolbars.

•Word-to-PDF Conversion with Document Properties Maintained
Provides an option to choose whether to maintain document properties when users convert PDF in Word.

•Supports Windows Embedded Standard 7

•Enables SharePoint Plugin by Default without Registry Entry

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0 Capture .NET - 12.8.5310.52

Convert .NET Converts C# source code units to equivalent VB.NET code. Convert .NET is a a useful developer's utility that allows users to Convert C# to VB.NET. You can also utilize our regular expression tester and online dictionary. A standalone tool that does not require installation.


· the programming language transforms (Convert) the full text to translate (Translate) the documents to arrange decodes (Encode) the rule to transport the mathematical formula to compile (Regex)

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